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We all know that organic foods contribute highly to making you healthier. Though it possesses all the ideal characteristics that you would wish your food to have, you may notice that the demand for this type of food is way lower. This is because organic foods are usually priced higher than inorganic foods that are available to the market. However, even if the demand of the market on organic foods is not increasing and improving as of the present time, it remains high-priced and far more expensive.

There are a lot of reasons why the organic food is far expensive than the conventional foods. Retailers selling organic foods are using the popularity of the organic foods to sell them at a much higher price aside from the fact that growing these organic foods takes a lot of effort and money.

With regards to the number or quantity of organic foods that a farmer can harvest, you can see its difference compared to non-organic plants. Production of organic foods is often lower than those of non-organic. Moreover, by making your kind of pesticides which usually involve all natural products also, you can expect more effort and cost from the farmer’s side. Hence, this tremendous hard work on cultivating organic foods is one of the reasons why it is priced higher.

Also, one of the reasons is that the conventional agriculture is heavily subsidized by the taxes of the citizens with the help of the government, while organic farming gets no subsidies from the government at all. Aside from that, the organic farmers can’t use sewage sludge, which is very cheap to buy, and chemical fertilizers, which are both cheap to buy and cheap to transport. Because of that, the organic farmers needed to fertilize their land with the use of compost and animal manure which is bulkier and more expensive to them.

The law of supply and demand is also one reason why organic foods are expensive. Organic food growers take advantage of the fact that there is a high demand for organic food. Although many people are trying their hands at growing organic food, only a few farmers are producing at greater quantities. The competition that this creates raises the price of organic foods to a much higher price that they should be sold.

As there are only a few farmers growing organic food the limited supply that is produced is being sold at a higher price. They are justified in this because the expenses incurred in transportation and packaging is the same as that of the conventional foods. The allocation of the expenses incurred is absorbed by a smaller number of crops thus the cost to produce organic food is much higher than regular production.

One way of balancing or neutralizing the amount of an organic food against conventional foods is to increase its demand. Since this factor can certainly oblige the government to subsidize the expense of the farmers who are into organic farming and lessen the cost of growing organic crops. However, that would take a lot of time before it may materialize or happen.

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