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Organic supermarkets are where people who eat organic can get organic food. Instead of going to the supermarket and searching for food products that have organic labels on them, you go to a supermarket that sells purely organic food products and make your choice. Many local grocery stores sell organic food and local markets. You should do your research and find out grocery stores, supermarkets and local markets in your area that sell organic food. It may be difficult for you to know whether you are buying organic food, which does not have labels like raw fruits, but you can research and inquire about the differences between organic and non-organic food since they tend to look the same.

Organic food is food grown without using petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals used in farming. Livestock that produce organic meat and dairy do not use growth hormones or antibiotics and they graze outdoors mostly. Non-organic food grows by fertilizers, petroleum based and sewage sludge; farmers spray them with pesticides and herbicides, filled with chemicals that may have harmful properties.

Farmers inject non-organic livestock with growth hormones and antibiotics that mess with their natural growth rate and immune system. This means that any meat or dairy derived from them contains chemicals that can be harmful to people’s health. Natural foods are foods made using purely natural ingredients. This could be in form of a smoothie that has been blended using organic ingredients. Some packed juices sold in the supermarket labeled to be purely natural still contain preservatives.

Organic food is beneficial to your health due to the lack of chemicals that may be harmful to your health. You will be able to avoid diseases like cancer and heart disease due to its low nitrate levels and richness in omega-3 fatty acids respectively. Your meat and dairy will be fresh due to the lack of preservatives that make non-organic foods last longer. Farming organic provides a safe environment that is free from pollution.

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